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Hi We have a WSUS server 6.2.9200 running on windows 2012 Standard and about 500 PCs using it for updates. About half of PCs updating fine but there are a lot with Updates with errors and/or Updates needed.

It's listed here: To be able to use WSUS to manage and deploy Windows 10 feature updates, you must have WSUS 4.0, which is available in the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems.To prove that it works, you can take some other machine and download and install an earlier cumulative update and prove that after a restart it detects the latest cumulative update from wsus.OK any reason WSUS is reporting for all Windows 10 clients have some patches were failed to install ? Also all Windows 10 clinets has red x next to the computer You will not see these failures on computers that have a cumulative update installed. The Update service crashes regularly on those, that's why sometimes updates install but mostly fail. May last quesiton is how I download an earlier cumulative update ?Also the policy is set to check for updates every day and install updates as soon as its downloaded but if I go to Windows Updates there are updates waiting to be installed (although should be installed automatically).

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    May 18, 2017. I had a large customer where all clients stopped downloading updates in November 2016. Even after building a new WSUS server, clients would not update. Clients were reporting the following error Code 80244008 Windows Update encountered an unknown error. The newly built WSUS server had all.…