Warning 1 error updating jscript intellisense

This quote from Luke Hoban, co-creator of Type Script really hits the spot.If you love Ruby, you'll enjoy Coffee Script as it makes the Java Script more like the Ruby. It brings useful features into Java Script in an ultimately compatible and syntax-friendly way using language constructs you're comfortable with.

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I looked at various ones including WMD Editor (which I know is not exactly a WYSIWYG editor, there site states 'It just wasn't built for WYSIWYG. The support is lacking and from the looks of it the API is too.Type Script offers optional type annotations - it's hardly a perversion of Java Script.From what I can see after using Type Script for a few days is this.This file can be downloaded from A few days ago, Microsoft also released a VS2008 SP1 Hotfix to support all Java Script files including j Query intellisense for Visual Studio 2008.

Note that this hotfix works only if you have VS 2008 with SP1 or Visual Web Developer Express Edition with SP1.

The result of that looks like this: tiny MCE has an init() function which initalizes the mode, the theme, the various buttons within the toolbars and so on.