Validating web form controls using dhtml

There are controls for specific types of validation, such as range checking or pattern matching, plus a Required Field Validator control that ensures that a user does not skip an entry field.You can attach more than one validation control to an input control.For each control, a specific property contains the value to be validated.

With client-side validation, any errors are detected on the client when the form is submitted to the server.The Validation Application Block includes the custom ASP. Developers use this control on Web pages to validate an ASP.NET control's value using the Validation Application Block validators.For example, you might specify that an entry is required and that it must contain a specific range of values.

Validation controls work with a limited subset of HTML and Web server controls.

If any of the validators are found to be in error, the submission of the form to the server is canceled and the validator's Text property is displayed.

Validating web form controls using dhtml comments

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