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There are often times when he’ll pull back into his own sullenness and unless you understand how to deal with that correctly you’ll risk pushing him even farther away. Pushing him to talk or trying to trick him into spending time with you when he wants to be alone, will only alienate him.The best advice you can follow is to let him be and just focus on your own life and interests until the mood passes. You’re wondering how to keep Pisces Man wanting you.It’s completely understandable to any woman who has ever been in love with a man born under this sign.You may however password the channel with DSTV age restriction.Press menu on your remote to do all that, besides, DSTV always announce the procedure before starting shower [email protected] You can t watch online, but you can go to the webbie online for video [email protected] There is no way you can password the channel with DSTV decoder, I think you can do that with Strong Decoder.At pm today, Big Brother called the Housemates into the lounge and issued them a stern warning!

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One drawback to dating a Pisces man is that you have to be witness to his ever changing moods.He wants and needs to have total and complete faith in your devotion to him, so give him that.If you cheat on a Pisces and he discovers it, the relationship will be forever doomed.I tot TK wanted Tawana So because he has been kissed by the angel of the house, he wants to divert It's a wrong move because if truly Thami wants Lucille, and TK wants to divert that, then he should pray that he is not put up for eviction, if not South Africans will throw out his sorry ass.

I have a feeling though our shy princess must have a thing for the male orobo,because she probably feels he has the most experience that way wise. UTI - NIGERIAName: Uti Nwachukwu Age: 25City of Residence: Lagos SHEILA - KENYAName: Sheila Patricia Kwamboka Age: 23City of Residence: Nairobi TAWANA - BOTSWANAName: Tawana Lebani Age: 31City of Residence: Gaborone RICCO - ANGOLAName: Ricardo David Ferreira Venancio Age: 21City of Residence: Luanda MUNYA - ZIMBABWEName: Munyaradzi Chidzonga Age: 22City of Residence: Harare TAKONDWA - ZAMBIAName: Takondwa Nkonjera Age: 25City of Residence: Lusaka THAMI - SOUTH AFRICAName: Thamsanqa Prusent City of Residence: Johannesburg MORRIS - UGANDAName: Morris Herbert Mugisha Age: 29City of Residence: Kampala MIMI - GHANAName: Wilhelmina Abu-Andani Age: 27City of Residence: Accra LATOYA - TANZANIAName: Latoya Lyakurwa Age: 21City of Residence: Arusha LUCILLE - NAMIBIAName: Lucille Naobes Age: 21City of Residence: Windhoek HAZEL - MALAWIName: Hazel Warren Age: 25City of Residence: [email protected] Tampico n others, Honestly fellas, i dnt know where to start cos i was damn speechless when i saw some of these so called adults throw caution in the wind and decided to go gaga in d highest order , i couldnt help changing the channel during d truth n dare game , am sure the BB haters watching all along would say they ve been vindicated afterall, majority of these HMs have battered the entertainment purpose the show is meant for, I hope Mnet is preparing their asses for the unexpected, I see unwaranted law suits coming after the show is over.

Besides who knows who will go out soon, so they all have to attempt to do something that will firmly imprint themselves in the minds of potential media moguls and advert firms. She should carry her orobo self and align with her orobo male counterpart, TK.

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