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However, the BSA has had Buddhist troops since 1920 and many Buddhists are atheists or agnostics.The BSA also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2016 which specifically gives ultimate authority over a participant's spiritual welfare to the individual Unitarian Universalist congregation.All Learning for Life programs are open to youth and adults without restriction based on gender, residence, sexual orientation, or other considerations other than age requirements.Unlike the BSA's Learning for Life, membership in the traditional BSA programs has been more restricted and controversial.The YMCA was an early promoter of reforms for young men with a focus on social welfare and programs of mental, physical, social and religious development.BSA had two notable predecessors in the United States: the Woodcraft Indians started by Ernest Thompson Seton in 1902 in Cos Cob, Connecticut, and the Sons of Daniel Boone founded by Daniel Carter Beard in 1905 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled in Boy Scouts of America v.Today, the BSA does not prohibit gay and lesbian adults or youth from participation.It is a common belief that the BSA does prohibit members who are atheist and agnostic based on its "duty to God" principle and that members (adult and youth) agree with the Declaration of Religious Principle in the bylaws.This provision allows all members to advance in Scouting as far as they wish." Learning for Life is a school and work-site based program that is a subsidiary of the BSA.