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And it's in Balmoral tweed'But Philip is more discerning than is commonly thought.

The doctor wrote a scathing blog post about the dangers of the practice, prompting Goop to hit back with a letter defending itself and attacking Gunter, marking the site's first official response to the ongoing criticism it has received over the years.I think he liked the idea of the tweed of the jacket being a little higher up, so we did a high roll on it.'While most men now buy their suits off the peg from any number of shops, the Duke of Edinburgh has stuck with just a handful of old-fashioned outfitters.His underwear is made by the Scottish firm Lyle & Scott and, since 1956, his shoes have come from John Lobb Ltd, while his hats are by James Lock & Co, both of Jermyn Street.But it has been his royal patronage that has been most rewarding.