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DRONE BREACH AT MICHIGAN PRISON WENT UNDETECTED FOR 2 MONTHS They were also accused of creating advertisements selling a date with the woman, who was not identified, and putting the ads on an online website.FOX2 Detroit reported a few men answered the advertisements and paid Welch and George for sexual services.When they went for drives, she said they had to be careful because she didn’t want to get caught.” The boy said that on one of these drives she leant over to kiss him on the lips.

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The actions had made her feel uncomfortable and she had mentioned it to another teacher.Michael Welch, 38, and Misty George, 30, of Macomb Township, were charged Tuesday with “human trafficking and prostitution earnings,” FOX2 Detroit reported.George was also charged with “using a computer to commit a crime,” the media outlet reported. Welch and George, who were believed to be dating and living together, were accused of keeping a woman, 29, with “both mental and physical disabilities” in a vacant shed close to their residence, police said.She painted a picture for magistrates of a “lady separated from her husband, struggling to cope emotionally”.

She was also stressed after struggling to “essentially write” a school retail course.“I don’t think she was in the right frame of mind to assess things logically,” Ms Thornton said.

The boy, who has since turned 18, was taken for drives by Ayres and the pair exchanged text and Facebook messages.

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