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This makes the film sound almost serious - don't be fooled. You know what Trey Parker and Matt Stone are going to do to a certain extent.Their spin-off movie, Asses of Fire, is the hot draw in South Park, and Stan and his little buddies perform the time-honoured ritual of the under-age: sneaking into a movie supposedly too mature for them.(As if life couldn't imitate art any more accurately, American cinemas were deluged with complaints that children were finding their way into South Park, despite its R rating - ie, anyone under 17 "requires accompanying parent or adult guardian").The fun in revisiting the movie is that Trey Parker obviously loves musicals, and he made one with his film.

This leads Cartman’s mom on a crusade which eventually leads to a war against Canada, while her adopted Canadian son Ike hides in the attic.Since their first appearance, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny have been harassed by "cultural critics" accusing them of undermining the moral fibre of the planet's youth; but they used to say that about Jim Carrey and The Simpsons, too.The film cash-in on the lethally popular TV show does its best to make such a transition as difficult as possible by capitalising on its liberation from the strait-jacket of broadcast censorship.Meanwhile, Kenny, the character killed in every episode, duly expires after attempting to imitate a particularly gross stunt from Asses of Fire, and heads off to the nether world to find Saddam Hussein in the sack with Satan.

It's this last plot detail that has attracted the most awestruck gasps from reviewers and audiences alike - but it's also the kind of thing that works better in a script conference than it does on screen.

First, and most obviously, there's no such thing as a bleep in the movies - a swift count reveals around 140 F-words.

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