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One user (“Person A”) indicates their interest in a second user (“Person B”) to the system.Person A’s interest in Person B remains hidden until Person B also indicates interest in Person A.One in five adults have used an online dating site or app, with the UK online dating market alone forecast to reach an estimated market value of £225m by 2019 – an increase of more than a third from a market value of £165m in 2014.Despite more online dating products on the market than ever before, there is still a clear and identifiable demand for an increasingly diverse array of dating services.In the last year alone, Venntro Media Group has seen 200 per cent revenue growth in the US.

However, with the large amount of “J”-related content available to the public, it was unlikely that the average consumer would wrongfully believe JSwipe was associated with JDate..Venntro itself follows a similar model, which we know to be successful.Having a diverse range of dating and lifestyle products within its portfolio allows the group to offer consumers a suitable product for them during all points of their dating lifecycle.Cross-selling members between products is an opportunity only afforded to those that take a portfolio approach.

While Match Group doesn’t appear to be actively cross-selling at present, at Venntro Media Group we’ve found this to be a successful way of retaining and engaging our customers.

When they’re ready for something more serious, they’ll make the transition to or Just