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"Only two came forward and said there was a sexual relationship with Fisher."Among the district records released Thursday were screenshots of a text conversation indicating a former female student had retained an attorney to speak on her behalf because "it's too much trauma for her to go through again without some protection."It's unclear who the person was texting to about the situation but she went on to say "she could hardly talk to me from crying and saying it's been seven years trying to get over this."Other records were screen captures of some of Fisher's social media interactions including a tweet where he told a male student "If your choice of colleges is half as good as your choice in women & your jump shot I have no doubt you've made a great decision."In another post, Fisher responded to a female student having a rough time opening with saying she was a "10/10" and ended with, "You're an awesome girl.You ever get down and need reminded of that just let me know and I'll explain your awesomeness anytime."Another social media capture showed Fisher had "liked" a Twitter post regarding a former student turning 21 and a comment from the original poster saying she hoped she was "sloshed."In an Aug.Fisher wrote a nearly three-page response to the evaluation by Saxton on June 29, just weeks before the investigation began into Fisher's interactions with students.

On Friday night, Saxton issued a letter to the community stating in part that Fisher has been suspended and the indictment was reported to the Ohio Department of Education."We share your concerns about this situation and recognize how incredibly difficult this is for everyone.Schmidt requested an investigation to determine if any criminal activity occurred.On Friday, Schmidt provided additional details on the report saying a student approached a staff member about rumors of sexual involvement between Fisher and students.Demetrius Newton of Birmingham, Alabama, introduced the law because of an incident where a teacher and a 16-year-old student were accused of having a sexual relationship but school officials could take no action against the teacher because the student was 16, which is the age of consent in Alabama.

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