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"Daniel Craig giving Anderson Cooper a blowjob in the backyard at a party."NO WAY! ) everyone was shocked, shocked SHOCKED that A-Hole was caught getting served in the middle of a party! The only thing that has changed are the methods by which that gossip is shared.That was Danielle Craig blowing Anderson at that party? R86, I hear you and you're right (I'm very sad to say, because I want the info). You're not leaving them vulnerable or raw, you're not harming them.I believed the Christian Bale gossip re: the men whom his pro-dom hired to fuck him.It was in another blind in on a gossip site (can't remember which one), and Magdalene chimed in confirming his BDSM preferences.We also got a lot of good, related industry gossip around that and his rant, which made it more authentic to me."Tom Cruise's adopted son is the biological son of one of Tom's ex-boyfriends"You mean Conner, Tom's biracial son?

Normally id have never paid such an outlandish claim the least bit of attention,but the old queen was so...sincere...about it,so detailed(I asked a zillion questions) so calm in his telling, I dont know, I had to wonder! If you want to know true gossip, you have to be willing to keep it secret. Politics, neighbors, families, etc., it has always been around.I know I can't be the only actor living doing's how I see it.I don't spill the beans because I think it's in bad taste and I don't want to be talked about myself. I've had plenty sexual encounters with other actors and famous people, but what good is it to tell?No one from Hollywood has come forward to say not true, which makes me think its been inside, common knowledge for decades.denying it would just give it more publicity. One of the best involves the death of the handsome young actor who fell eight stories from the balcony of a West Hollywood apartment in which James Caan was sleeping.

Police ruled it an accident, but a DLer posted that the buzz at the time was that James caught the guy in bed with his then-teenage son Scott and chased him off the edge.

I don't think he's a dummy, but I'm not going to rush to proclaim his brilliance.[quote]c) Kenneth Feld (owner of Ringling Bros Circus, the Ice Capades, and who knows what else) was the agent and, I believe part owner, of the Show.