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Therefore, early childhood adversities may represent a more homogeneous vulnerability for TDV perpetration and function as the best indicators for violent dating behaviors.Complicating the picture further is the fact that answers to these questions may vary on the basis of demographics (eg, sex, race), perpetration history, and TDV perpetration subtype (eg, physical or sexual forms of violence) because there are few longitudinal studies in which researchers have adequately tested these potential moderating variables.With our final algorithms we provide an evidence-based screening tool that can be used to operationalize the likelihood of future TDV perpetration and inform existing TDV prevention programs on the most salient risk factors to target.The 6-year longitudinal study was approved by the institutional review board of the University of Texas Medical Branch. Recruitment occurred during school hours in courses with mandated attendance.Because of the deleterious consequences of teen dating violence (TDV), identifying which adolescents are most likely to perpetrate violent behavior is an important public health priority.To date, ∼50 risk factors for TDV perpetration have been identified.Using a panel study design and translational analytic approach, we identified which factors conferred the greatest risk for prospective physical and sexual TDV perpetration.With our proposed algorithms, we offer the first empirically based assessment tools for TDV perpetration.

Retention rates from wave 1 were the following: wave 2: 92.5%; wave 3: 85.8%; wave 4: 74.5%; wave 5: 67.0%; and wave 6: 72.7%.

Adolescents responded with yes or no to questions about their own behavior in their lifetime (wave 1) and in the past year (wave 2–wave 6).

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    In This Section. What are risk factors and protective factors? What are the early signs of risk that may predict later drug abuse? What are the highest risk periods for drug abuse among youth?…