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That's when he learned that his good friend, Pedro Rodriguez, had been killed. He'd fallen in love with racing before she met him, and she knew he wouldn't be the same man if he gave it up. Redman was testing a new car in practice and thought it might handle better with a slight modification.Eight weeks later, Brian was back in England, watching a race on television."And here, the most disastrous sight that you can see on any circuit, and one we have seen all too often. He was asphyxiated, you know, by the lack of oxygen.""And what do you do in moments like that? " I ask."Well, I don't know, you just carry on."'My Heart Had Stopped'"Did you and Marion ever talk about all these dangers and all the risk you were putting yourself at? But Brian Redman's most horrific crash was still to come. His team complied."And on the next lap, at 170 mph, it took off," he says.A friend of ours, Howard Lowcock, had brought my wife to meet the plane.And the door opens and I'm, sort of, being led out. And I think, 'Oh, my wife fainted.' And anyway, it was our friend Howard who'd brought her who'd fainted."Four weeks after being released from the hospital, Redman drove in another race.And I somehow got out, and I was burning from head to foot. It was 45 minutes before any attention came.""I mean I heard somebody screaming, you know, after the accident," he says."And it must have been me because there was nobody else there. "The team chartered a plane and flew Redman home the next day."I looked like the invisible man — I'm absolutely covered in bandages from head to foot. And the very first time I went there, in a privately-owned Ford GT40, a great car, I nearly retired from racing on Friday.

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' Well, I'm not going to say, 'I can cook.' He said, 'Can you drive a three-ton Bedford truck? "The things that you clean the floors with."Along with the business, Redman acquired a Morris 'Woody' — a station wagon that he used to transport his goods."And I delivered mop heads all over England at high speed in this Morris 1000," Redman says. He's charming, with twinkling eyes and a full head of silver-white hair. It was a race course called Spa."Spa-Francorchamps is the name of two villages in the Belgian Ardennes, which is where the Battle of the Bulge was in World War II," says Redman. That’s one in three."Almost every year that I went to Spa, the night before the race, Saturday night, I'd lie in bed with perspiration running down my head and thinking, 'I'll be dead tomorrow.'"But the next morning, Redman would climb into his car and drive.'It's All I Knew What To Do'At the beginning of his career, Redman was paid $60 a week. During his racing days, Redman's nemesis wasn't another driver or, say, the owner of a rival racing team. I couldn't believe, you know, how fast we were going and how fast the corners were."Between 19, 28 Formula 1 and top professional drivers died.At this point I hadn't spoken a word to Marion, not one word. But as soon as our first child was born, James, in 1965, she really didn't come to many races."Marion was back home with James in June of 1968, when Brian Redman entered his third race at Spa."On the seventh lap, my suspension broke coming into one these fast corners," Redman says. And Professor Ferdinand Orban, he got me on the table and he looks down and says, 'Mr.

Redman, it may not be possible to save your arm.' I smiled, and I said, 'Thank you, Professor.' And he says, 'Why are you smiling? Redman says this was the first time his wife would learn of his injuries from a TV broadcast. In 1970, Redman found himself back at Spa, teamed up with his friend and co-driver, Jo Siffert.

And on the outside, a Riley 1.5 passed on the other side.

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