Radgrid not updating on postback

When the Edit Mode property of a table view is "Edit Forms" or "Pop Up", the table view's Edit Form Settings property lets you configure the edit form.One of the Edit Form Settings sub-properties is Edit Form Type, which lets you specify whether you want to use the built-in edit form or substitute your own custom edit form.This help article describes seven common mistakes that customers make using Rad Grid and offers solutions to the problems. In order for Rad Grid to work properly, it is very important to build the grid structure correctly. The differences between those two events is discussed thoroughly in this topic.

Inside the User Control, you can access the grid item using the Parent. The same conventions stand for nested user controls inside Web User Control custom edit form or other controls such as listboxes, radiobutton lists, checkbox lists, and so on.There are no other special requirements in this case. Page Size = 15; Grid Bound Column bound Column; bound Column = new Grid Bound Column(); bound Column. This means that with standard hierarchy, in each level of hierarchy, all items will have an equal number of details tables (one orseveral in the same level).

That is why,if you have template columns for example, and you have to search for a control that is in the edit template, you should search the Edit Form Item instead of the edited item. Rad Gridsupports hierarchical database structure or building hierarchy through self-referencing source table (having ID-Parent ID relations in the same Data Table).

It alters the "traditional"editing style by displaying an edit form item (row), below the item currently being edited, instead displaying the in-place editors. Additional details can be found in these help resources: In Place editing Edit Forms editing Custom edit forms To better understand how Rad Grid deals with hierarchy, refer to the article: Understanding hierarchical grid structure.