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Next, it enables IFGE to find someone who can fill the business void.Next, it temporarily interrupts the seemingly endless barrage of criticism, which in turn enables IFGE's Board, its staff, and me to get on with our jobs.Focus, ideals and character required the kind of leadership I could provide.They also knew in order for it to achieve its goals, IFGE needed money.Solving these problems rests solely with the IFGE Board, and could prove to be the greatest challenge the Board has ever faced.

(b) In exchange, the Tapestry ex- pects permission to reprint any articles and information that is of interest and relevant to all. Allen CREATIVE DIRECTOR Stacey Elizabeth Toon ADVERTISING & DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR Yvonne Cook-Riley OFFICE ASSISTANTS Emily Goodwin June Carr 3|C $ $ & $ LF. Unfortunately, the dynamic young corporate-types, especially those with a fondness for structure and chains-of-command, couldn't justify placing "spiritual leader" on the flow chart.Money required business leadership, the kind of leadership I could not provide.The creation of the position of Founding Director solves a lot of problems. Toon, Dallas Denny, James Green, Melissa Foster, Billie Jean Jones, Linda Peacock, Chris Moran, Claire Roberts, Rachel Snodgrass, Sharon Ann Stuart, Merissa S. Sexually oriented, fantas- tic, or negative material is unacceptable. Sub- missions must be on a double density disc or typed double-spaced. Features COVER STORY Gender Outlaws: Kate Bornstein with David Harrison interviewed by Nancy Reynolds Nangeroni with Mariette Pathy Allen cover photography by Marriette Pathy Allen 29 New Berdache Circling by Holly Boswell and Kindred Spirits 36 Working With The Lesbian-Bi-Gay Community by Tere Frederickson 39 The Grande Alliance by Kristine W. 42 A Transgender Rights Manifesto by Laura Masters 44 Our Fears by Kimberly Ann Coconis 47 Safe Spaces: The Politics of Inclusion by Callan Williams 49 All Transsexuals Are Not Alike by James Green 51 Remember To Forget by Susan C. Stockus 1 50 Brad Taylor 1 43 Sandy Thomas 1 53 Transformation 150 Translucere 1 56 Tropical Pleasures 150 The Venus Line 157 Vernon's Specialities 156 Wildside 1 59 Introduction MOVING ON by Merissa Sherrill Lynn I would like to start this editorial with a quote from Nancy Nangeroni's outstanding newsletter SCHE Mail : OK, you asked for it.

71775 TAPESTRY JOURNAL CONTRIBUTORS'GUIDELINES Contributions should be true-to-life, relevant, constructive to the gender community, and under 5,000 words. Mc Kay 57 GENDER CELEBRATION (pictorials) The CD/CG "Paraculture" A Review of the Past 25 Years by Ariadne Kane 59 Coming Together In Portland photography by Mariette Pathy Allen commentary by Holly Cross 67 The Editor’s Des k . Michael Becker 149 Best Value 157 Carousel Aviation 151 Carox Co 1 54 CDS Video 152 Ed's Forms 151 Carolyn Edwards 155 Fantasia Fashions 160 Florence's Fashions 150 Gunta Collection 5 6 Headliners 151 Johanna's 151 »La Femme Footwear 5 0 Lee's Mardi Gras 153 Lydia's TV Fashions 151 Metamorphosis 151 Patricia Mathews 155 New Image 1 52 Reluctant Press 158 Right Touch 5 3 Roxy & Assoc 1 54 Sas-sy Productions 150 Shoe Express 1 57 T.

In short, the Board has to do something more than just make policy, and that could prove to be very difficult.