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Scientific laws do not cause or forbid anything any more than the outline of a map causes the shape of the coastline.The Christian philosopher Norman Geisler stated: Natural law is a description of the way God acts regularly in and through creation (Ps.

However, Spong fails to understand that science, when commenting on the universe, can only describe things which are observable and repeatable; it cannot prescribe what cannot happen.We intend to do this by focusing chiefly on the following overview: 1) Spong’s World View 2) The Bishop and the Bible 3) Spong, Science, and Scripture 4) Spong’s View Of God 5) Spong and the Resurrection 6) The Birth and the Bishop 7) Spong and Morality 8) Alleged Antisemitism in the New Testament 9) Spong the Scholar 10) Conclusion Selected Bibliography of Spong’s Works Selected Bibliography of Works Defending Christian Orthodoxy About the Authors No word is objective; hence no word ever passes from the lips of one person into the hearing of another without being changed in meaning. Such absolute and certain statements sound strange from a bishop who condemns a church for prescribing certainty and absolutes.However, we must now look at why Spong thinks that the church has got it wrong and why liberal scholarship and morality is on the right track.In other words, God doesn’t intervene in history because Spong hasn’t seen it happen, Spong says it doesn’t happen, and we all know it can’t happen.

A good example of this ‘logic’ is Spong’s discussion of two of his colleagues’ views on miracles: , the virgin birth would be a snap’, I thought to myself, ‘How will the church survive in this world with that lack of scholarship among its leaders?

Dawkins is now ‘Chair of the Public Understanding of Science’ at the prestigious Oxford University and is responsible for shaping the minds of young scientists.