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See, despite what he might have told them otherwise, they should have known, for God’s sake, that he wasn’t going to apply himself!That he wasn’t going to work at being a professional quarterback!They don’t have the slightest understanding of the meaning of swim-swam-swum… And just yesterday I heard someone on TV say that the police had “efforted” to try to do something. Remember what the “journalists” said that protesting NFL players did during the national anthem? Today, I read in the newspaper that the Ravens had just signed Robert Griffin III, whose career, the article said, had “grinded to a halt.” I winded the clock. *********** Coach, I have a question about your cadence or lack of cadence.And I finded some grinded beef and made it into a patty. By going on a single call, in this case “Go” what, if anything, has that taken away from the defense?IF YOU'RE A DOUBLE-WINGER, YOU OUGHT TO TAKE A LOOK.(4) BRAND-NEW IN 2015: A BASIC "OPEN WING" PACKAGE WITH THE QB UNDER CENTER.(EVEN IF YOU'RE ALREADY RUNNING THE DOUBLE WING, I BET THERE ARE SOME TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU RUN IT BETTER) (2) DETAILED VIDEO ON HOW I TEACH THE UNDER-CENTER SNAP - IF YOU'RE A SHOTGUN GUY, WOULDN'T IT BE NICE TO BE ABLE TO SPIKE IT OR SNEAK IT?(3) A SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE STACK-I PACKAGE - I'VE BEEN RUNNING THIS FOR 20 YEARS NOW AND I'VE NEVER PUT IT ON A VIDEO.

A replica of the original fort still stands, and it’s quite impressive.It was built in England and brought to Fort Vancouver (under sail power - they didn’t want to risk the steam engines on an ocean voyage) about 1835.Anyone nostalgic for the days of steam should know that fueling the steamboat kept a team of 12 woodcutters constantly busy: it took them two days to cut enough wood to keep the boat operating for just one day.(5) THE RAM AND LION FORMATIONS - COMBINED WITH AN UNBALANCED LINE, THEY PRODUCE A REALLY NASTY WEDGE THAT'S BEEN A MAINSTAY OF MY OFFENSE SINCE THE MID-90'S. FOR THE FOOTBALL HISTORY BUFF, THERE ARE SOME CLIPS OF 1950'S PRINCETON TEAMS RUNNING THE WEDGE, AND OF WYOMING'S "SIDE SADDLE T", FROM 1954 EVERY PURCHASOR OF THE SET WILL BE ADDED TO THE OPEN WINGERS' MAILING LIST - AT INTERVALS, I WILL MAIL OUT SUGGESTIONS, IDEAS, COACHING TIPS AND IN-DEPTH EXPLANATIONS I’ve been selling my “EVOLUTION OF AN OFFENSE” DVD for $49.95 and it’s been a good enough seller - but not nearly enough Double Wing coaches have seen it, nor have they been to any of my clinics or camps - which means that in many cases they’re running a 20-year-old Double Wing.

Still plenty good, you understand - but not as good as it could be. $24.95 Johnny Manziel reminds me of Hillary Clinton.

Depending on when you visit, it’s possible to see all sorts of craftsmen performing their trades just as they would have nearly 200 years ago, using the tools of the time.

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