Error when updating sub report

Per MSDN: "A call to either Move First or Move Last when the Recordset is empty (both BOF and EOF are True) generates an error." To avoid that situation, my general iteration of the recordset kinda looks like this Newbie? Read the Hitch Hiker's Guide to Getting Help on the Forums. Funny that you should mention that Elroy, I forgot to do it myself... Recordcount will return -1 in cases where recordcount is not supported. ' It doesn't always work right even with a Move Last. In fact, after staring at some code, I'll outline the problem. Move Last triggered an error message something like "Statement to complex to process" It took a bit to find the root of the problem, surely a simple move last can not be to complicated and the query was rather basic.

If you also want to avoid that, do something like "If rs Ctrl Rec.I have a 1 row table that I'm trying to read into a recordset using VB6, but when I try to access any of the fields in the record, I get a runtime error 3021 "No current record". Path & "\" & "LLSYS.mdb") Set rs Ctrl Rec = db Ctrl Rec.I thought that when you use the Set Recordset command the recordset is populated with the contents of the target table. Open Recordset("SYS_CONTROL_RECORD") Msg Box rs Ctrl Rec. Path & "\" & "LLSYS.mdb") Set rs Ctrl Rec = db Ctrl Rec.(no need for DAO.) 2- Set rs Ctrl Rec = db Ctrl Rec. MDB style database, I've found the DAO to be an incredibly powerful tool. I can keep track of variables on my own loll When you put too much restrictions on coding, it becomes VB 2010 and I don't wish that anyone *laughs heartily* Hey Navion, I'm totally with you. VBP project is a monumentally bad idea in my opinion.

Open Recordset("SYS_CONTROL_RECORD") is ok too 3- I always use indexed recordset, and by habit, I always include the line : rs Ctrl Rec. vb6coder14, here's the DAO help file, in case you don't have it. I mostly work alone these days, but I've had to fire programmers in the past who wouldn't leave unbroken code alone. There's another "code sharing" thread on here where I made a similar point. It's the same issue, someone "fixing" code for one project that breaks another. , a$, and a# days, but I have managed to wean myself into the new "as string" etc format.


Error when updating sub report comments

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