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This is where this number comes from: Remember, $12,000 spent on a serious relationship (before paying for your wedding) may or may not result in a marriage.It’s just an ongoing cost without any guarantees this will result in your getting married and having a family.

(But if you think it is a lot of money, local dating will cost you 3-5 times more.) According to the numbers supplied by the Bloomberg researcher Alison Damast, the average couple will spend USD $40,441 before they tie the knot during a 2.5-year courtship.They hoped that they would meet someone that they could have a couple of drinks with, dance to some good music, and get to know one another. Online dating continues to grow in popularity, as busy singles tend to favor this method.It is true that there are a lot of people still meet local singles new this way, it just doesn’t have the same feel as it once did. While it is often preferred among modern daters, but it is also an ideal choice for the older singles as well. It’s probably because you don’t have to get dressed, spend a lot of money on watered down drinks, and you still aren’t guaranteed you’ll meet someone interesting.Besides, she doesn’t insist on dating for years and really wants to be in a relationship.