Dating disston saws

Nearly all cuts in wood on a miter box are crosscuts, and the crosscut filing produces knife-edged teeth that sever the wood fibers that compose the grain of wood. Knife edges would not hold up well when cutting metal; chisel-shaped teeth, as found on a rip saw, would be more effective.A close examination of a standard hacksaw blade confirmed my belief that a metal cutting saw should be filed as a rip saw, that is, with zero degrees of fleam angle.This resulted in having to remove about one-third the height of the tallest teeth in order to get all the teeth even.Jointing proved that indeed the metal was harder than usual.

Disston Backsaw Rehab-1 Cleaning, repairing and rehabbing I was in Salt Lake City recently on business.It took many jointing strokes to complete the job, and it was hard on my jointing file.The teeth were not so mis-shapen from the previous filing that significant re-shaping of the teeth was required.Therefore, I could go straight from jointing to the final sharpening.

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    Some of the desirable models of Disston saws are the Disston #16 hand saw, Disston #D-8 hand saw with thumb holes is desireable. Wood and Shop in your inbox?…