Dating a blading man

Please share your thoughts and opinions Bald is sexy!One of my previous "loves of my life" started going bald shortly after high school and when I dated him, when he was in his early 30's, he had very little hair left. He used to say his head was a solar panel for a sex machine...I think he was right Women: How much of a difference does balding make when you consider dating a guy? Ive never really asked, but Ive been wondering about this a lot lately.

It’s just starting to really get to me and I find myself wearing a baseball cap almost always except when I’m at work or sleeping. told Salon about how ancient Roman men would rub hippo fat on their scalps to ward off hair loss and paint “hair” onto any bare patches.Also, think about the number of clearly balding or completely bald male politicians in office. Probably, considering that they’re an uncommon lot.I’m 27, and in the last year I’ve had thinning (only around the crown area) and a small bald spot has appeared.

I'm in great physical shape and I've been told I'm handsome by women in my life - but I don't feel nearly as handsome anymore.

I don't like long hair on guys, so military style haircuts, or no hair at all is my preference.