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“My mom thinks that by putting me on birth control she will be saying that it’s OK for me to run around and have sex with everybody, which is not my intention at all,” Alex says.“I just want to be protecting myself in case I ever do end up in that predicament.I think it would maybe be about the fact that you’re saying, ‘I was looking for a more lucrative deal and you ain’t cash flowing like I thought you were.’ Do you think that’s a reasonable approach to marriage? ” “No, and there are other reasons why I married him. He takes care of me and everything, but I was just hoping for a better life financially.

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They are borrowing an old Volvo that she is embarrassed to be driving, she hasn’t gotten her hair done in six months, and is not able to afford her bi-monthly massages and waxings. This is definitely not the type of life that I want. “If I was going to be embarrassed, I don’t think it would be about that. He explains that when they first got married he was changing jobs and they didn’t anticipate Nicole staying home with the baby, and therefore losing her income. Phil points out that they are now having problems with their sex life.“I find that when I’m really upset and I’m hurt, and it’s just piling up and piling up, I just lash out and I get very verbal. She explained that she was not because her mom didn’t approve of it.Alex explains that she wants to talk with her mom about being on birth control, but she is nervous.“She’s an attractive young woman, and she knows that that is a powerful statement. I think she does understand that, and I think if she has had sex since Nathan was born, it was with protection,” Dr. “But, I can not believe the naivete with which I hear you guys responding, saying, ‘We have watched her 24-7.’ That’s not true. Phil reminds Marty and Erin they need to establish rules when Alex gets her license in a month, because they’ll have even less control then. Phil gives his opinion about Alex being on birth control. I think you have to put this girl on birth control. I can get over here and say you don’t go on birth control, because that’s an implicit endorsement, and it tells her she can do it with impunity …

She said, ‘I like the attention that I get, and I do have power and control over people’ with her looks and her body.” Alex responds saying, “Find me one woman that does not like that.” Erin emphatically tells her, “Sex is a powerful tool and women can wield that and use it over men, but it’s not something that you should be doing at 16 and that’s what I’m concerned about. That you are not capable and ready emotionally to be having sex.” Alex tells her mom that she knows that, and she is not going to have sex. “I think she would have thought about it maybe a half second more, but I think she would have definitely. But the truth is, the dynamic of this situation is that she is at risk to become pregnant again.” He explains that the goal is to get her through the rest of high school and college, and to a place where she is mature enough to then decide if she wants to add to her family.

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