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I tell you, nothing made me leak into the pantyliner stuck to the front of my briefs like the sight of brother pleasuring his older sister like that. As he kneaded those beautiful, still-youthful C-cups Roger would lean further forward and kiss Maris's nape or nibble her earlobe and whisper sweet nothings. Like: "Why do you stick with that Dickless Wonder husband of yours? Roger apparently thought that just because he was my wife Maris's brother he could ask her for anything. And if Maris was still in her string bikini top, all the better.

Nodding and saying this all the while you stood right beside her, mute. You look so nice today translating, in a coarser vocabulary, as: Damn you look hot, baby! So, yes, given this relatively wholesome fantasy, the will of God, that sort of thing, it came as quite a shock to you when the bedroom bug revealed her (presumably) first paramour to be..miscreant redneck brother Roger. And what was all that talk about eleven, twelve years ago? " "Calm down, John," hand waving him back into his chair. "He knows I'm off the pill, he says he refuses to wear condoms and...besides, he says it's the safest way." "What is he a fucking gynecologist now? He made Maris mad by saying, first thing out of his mouth in response: "I don't want that asshole living with us." Maris's blue eyes went wide.

Tilting it, tapping it nervously like a chess piece. "I've just told me [sic] your [sic] brother is going to be servicing me three times a week...four, six..knows?

" "He's 31, John." "And he wants an allowance." "Not much. He's been, like, scared straight for six years now. A woman has a right to have her biological needs fulfilled." "The Pope himself? It's been over a year now." "Not quite." "What's that supposed to mean? " "It's not mooching if he does his share in return for us doing ours." "As in money." "He's offering difficult, John..." Maris brought hands to either side of her head and combed back her lush, honey-blonde hair.

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