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"Each taught me something different about strength, love, and living with, or after, cancer," says Benjamin.In a spectacular feat of bad timing, Christine Benjamin found out she had breast cancer on the same day her friends were planning a surprise party for her thirty-seventh birthday.With our long-standing commitment to producing locally-originated content, the North Carolina Channel serves as a showcase for North Carolina-based independent producers.The North Carolina Channel is accessible to virtually all viewers in North Carolina, as well as those near the border of neighboring states."When a subject looks at her images, she often recognizes what she hadn't been able to see in herself before," says Benjamin, now 52, healthy, and heading up the breast cancer program at the advocacy and support group SHARE. Let them tell you in their own words."To have this photo with my girls is almost magical.

After a busy day enjoy complimentary access to the connected Childress Klein YMCA Health Club featuring an Olympic-sized indoor pool, exercise classes and a wide selection of modern fitness equipment.As everyone prepared to meet up that night at a clubby New York City eatery, she was checking out of her doctor's office, trying to absorb the devastating news.Her partner, Karen Orczyk, who'd come along to the appointment, confessed the party plans.While taking a photography course, she started experimenting with self-portraits and discovered that the images shifted her confidence—in a positive way.