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This is one of Donati's originals: Donati ocarina There had been "globe flutes" of various types all over the world for thousands of years, but Donati was the first to make one that played in a similar way to a Western woodwind instrument.This instrument is possibly the sort of thing Donati improved on; it was made by Niccola Robusto from Oliveto, near Naples, around 1900.It didn't take long before he set up his own ocarina production line.These are modern instruments in the same tradition: Giorgio Pacchioni ocarina in C Wolfgang Plaschke ocarina in D Menaglio "do-3" or "C3" ocarina As on a conventional tubular woodwind instrument, as you take fingers off in sequence from little finger to thumb, right hand then left, the pitch goes upward in a conventional scale.The exceptions to the obvious pattern are to help you hold it: you want a thumb underneath and a finger on top to help balance it, since ocarinas are small, fragile and easy to drop.An early idea by the Italian makers of these instruments in the 19th century was to emulate other families of instruments (like brass) and form consorts of different pitches.An excellent very short video about the instrument's history and how it's made, presented by a leading contemporary maker: Italian ocarinas are shaped like an airship.There is a windway feeding air to a soundhole, formed like the corresponding parts of a whistle or recorder, which connects to an internal cavity punctured with holes for the fingers and thumbs - two thumbholes underneath and eight fingerholes on top.

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At first they were only made in fired clay - still the commonest material used for good quality ocarinas - but the French firm Mathieu made them in cast pot metal in the early 20th century.Despite its obscurity, its sound can make a great contribution to many kinds of music.This is a musician's guide to its possibilities and its place in the world.Unlike tubular flutes, the order in which you put your fingers down to play a scale isn't fixed.

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