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I let her know I was glad about that, and mentioned my worries about what she might encounter in Aruba's clubs and casinos. The DEA agent asks about Natalee's cell phone and passport. Carlos'n Charlie's is very close to where the cruise ships dock. They don't learn anything, so we all drive back to the hotel.When a former Mountain Brook student came back from his class trip, he'd told us about a chilling incident at a nightspot called Carlos'n Charlie's. I discover them in a little carry-on purse attached to the side of her duffel. Another wave of concern takes my breath away: Has my daughter been taken away on one of these ships? We again ask to watch the video of the blackjack tables. We have a picture of him and a confirmed first name.She also added that this particular individual has been around for a while, trying to get traction and attention without having any real evidence."It just makes me sad that he would just keep trying to insert himself into this role of her disappearance and that he has information when it's absolutely untrue."But despite the frustration, she has been able to try to move forward."It's hard to believe it's been 10 years,'' she said. Where I am today is in a good place."Aruba authorities have dismissed the supposed eye witness that recently came forward, saying his story cannot possibly hold as true.According to a statement released by Chief Prosecutor Eric Olthof, the office dug into the claims brought forward by Jurrien de Jong.

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In addition to the seven adults, more than a hundred of Natalee's senior classmates were booked to go. We ask if there are videotapes of the blackjack tables.In the weeks before her graduation, I attended two parent meetings hosted by Jodi, the travel agent who handled the Aruba trips and whose own daughter was scheduled to go that year.We discussed payment, roommates, and other details.De Jong of what he saw on the night of 30th of May 2005, cannot be correct, and that his testimony, considering the aforementioned, does not add to the solving of this case." They also noted that further investigation "in any manner whatsoever" in this location will not lead to finding her body.

Nearly a decade after then 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared on a school trip to Aruba, an island resident has come forward as a witness.

"This means that Natalee Holloway could never have been hidden and/or buried there.

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